NFC Cards

7 March 2018

NFC Cards

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is a wireless communication that allows users to establish communication between two devices at close proximity (approx. 4 cm). NFC has wide range of application i.e. sharing content (videos, photographs, files etc.), make payments and store personal information. NFC cards are passive devices used to transfer data to an active device such as smartphone.

NFC Cards in Healthcare

In healthcare, primarily NFC cards play an immensely important role in safeguarding healthcare data which is highly sensitive and individual collection of health information. These cards have highly authentic security system which can be assessed only by an authorised person. The challenging task of protecting electronic medical records has been simplified by NFC cards.

NFC cards can store individual data and can be assessed only by approved users such as doctors or healthcare personnel. These cards also support biometric identification and digital signatures for strong identity authentication. This technology has simplified communication problems between healthcare personnel and patients with communication problems, dementia and old age. Healthcare information, prescriptions, tests and reports of such patients can be stored in the card and updated frequently. NFC enabled wrist-bands are now available which can be updated with patient-specific information. In addition, vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, respiration etc. can also be tracked by the wrist-bands which are tapped to a smartphone and data is transmitted to doctor within seconds.

People with life threatening conditions such as heart failure, asthma, allergies etc. can use NFC enabled wrist bands to store data which can be assessed in an emergency by NFC phone. Furthermore, medication packaging and labelling are also coming with NFC tags. A simple tap of tag with smartphone verifies the authenticity of medication.

NFC tags have unique advantages like excellent reading distance and highly encrypted codes. They are waterproof and portable. These tags are revolutionising the healthcare by means of quick, secure and authentic access, mediating information from patients to doctors in no time and making real-time data available to both patients and healthcare providers, thus, enhancing quality patient-care.

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