Advantages of wearable

27 February 2018

Advantages of wearable

Most of the people are usually sceptical of using wearables without understanding the advantages associated with them. Few of the benefits are:

  • Proactive Healthcare Encouragement: Currently, most of the people deal with their health problems reactively by going to the doctor only when they feel sick. Wearables provide more proactive approach by letting the person know about the onset of a disease at an early stage.

  • Creates ones interest in one’s health: Since wearables make health related real-time data handy to an individual, one becomes more engaged with his health.

  • Healthcare cost reduction: Routine checks require hospital visitation which cost money. With wearables individual can remotely monitor his health parameters with almost negligible cost.

  • Increase in quality of care: It is sometimes difficult to cure or diagnose at later stage of illness. Whereas, wearables can provide data at the beginning of illness when there is slight degradation in any of the health parameters and thus, leading to better diagnosis.

Since, great power comes with great responsibility, same goes with an individual as wearables have given him power over his health by providing real-time data, then it is the responsibility of the individual to protect this sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands by purchasing accredited wearables only. As, wearables are mostly bluetooth enabled, so, they are prone to get hacked. Only a certified wearable has high quality built-in data protection system.

Today, healthcare is emerging with these smart devices, aiding in disease identification, prompt management, and prevention. Thus, smart wearables are generating a highly reliable, accessible, and resilient approach to self-motivated health behaviour.

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